Parking at Project Literacy

The closest places to park, when you are planning to spend less than two hours at Project Literacy:

There is FREE two-hour parking along Lawrence Avenue, east of Richter Street and Leon Avenue, east of Richeter Street. These areas are both roughly three minute walks to PLCOS.

Bear in mind that once you have reached the two-hour limit you must move your car to another block. Meter attendants scan your license plate when they pass by so if they find you anywhere within the same block for more than two hours they will ticket you.

The best places to park, when you are planning to spend more than two hours at Project Literacy and want to keep your walk under 10 minutes:

On Lawrence Avenue between Pandosy Street and Water Street you can park in the Chapman Parkade from 6am to 6pm. It currently costs $1.25 an hour and it is a six minute walk to our office.

The best FREE places to park when you are planning to spend more than two hours at Project Literacy and don’t mind walking 15 minutes:

If you don’t mind walking a bit you can parking on streets east of Gordon Drive for free and without a time limit.

Parking rates have been confirmed as of June 2023. In any case, Councilors will not likely raise these rates higher than on-street metered parking since City staff want to encourage people to park off-street.

For more information of Kelowna parking, click here:

Find parking | City of Kelowna

**PLEASE NOTE** Project Literacy does NOT recommend parking at the Safeway and walking off the lot. They have attendants parked there and record when people do this and tickets can be extremely expensive. They have ticketed some of our tutors and learners. Please do not risk it.