English Tutoring

Who do we help?

Project Literacy supports adults who are 19 years or older with English literacy support.
If you want to improve your English reading, writing, and speaking, Project Literacy can match you with a volunteer tutor to help you learn. Our tutors come from diverse backgrounds, including teachers, university students, professionals, trades and retired people.
Many have experience teaching English as a second language. We have had many learners achieve important milestones with our support. These include accomplishing personal, academic or work goals.

You can have help with:

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  • Improving your English
  • Getting a new job
  • Going to school
  • Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Receive help with:

  • Basic reading, writing and math skills;
  • Speaking English;
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) Test;
  • Language Proficiency Index (LPI) test;
  • Employment specific terminology;
  • Trades math entrance exams;
  • Apprenticeship training materials;
  • Preparation for post-secondary courses;
  • Skills upgrading for employment;
  • Job application forms, citizenship preparation, and much more!

How to get started

  1. Contact our office by phone 250-762-2163 x 4, or use our contact form at this link.
  2. Our Education Coordinators will book an appointment for you at our learning centre: 1635 Bertram Street, Kelowna.
  3. The Education Coordinator will assess what level of English literacy you have, learn more about your goals, and find out your schedule.
  4. There will be a waiting period while the Education Coordinator matches you with a suitable tutor to help you achieve your goals.

Depending on your literacy goals, your lessons may run for weeks or even years.

Provide Online Tutoring

This program offers tutors and learners the flexibility to meet remotely by using a video conferencing platform of their choice. Project Literacy uses and offers technical support for one specific platform.

Tutor and learner requirements are the same for the online program as they are for the in-person program One-to-One Core Tutoring program.

Please talk to our Education Coordinators to learn more.

Our Learning Centre

Project Literacy Learning Centre


We offer a safe, welcoming and cheerful learning centre located at 1635 Bertram Street.

We are located in downtown Kelowna and have six study rooms where tutors and learners can meet. You can also meet your tutor in public spaces that suit both of your schedules.



Literacy Support at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan

Project Literacy is pleased to partner with the UBCO Library Writing and Research Centre to provide Student Literacy Support.UBCO English Tutoring

The Program matches first and second year students with fourth year and graduate students who provide one to one tutoring in written and spoken English.

Intake for the program takes place in September and January. Enrollment is limited.

If you are a first or second year university student and need support with writing or speaking English, please email our Education Coordinator, Katia Bois at: [email protected]

Funding for this program in generously provided by

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