Central Okanagan Story Walks

MAY 26th- JUNE 5th, 2023

We are thrilled to partner with The Central Okanagan Early Years Partnership (COEYP) in the organization of the Central Okanagan Story Walks. These Story Walks occur multiple times a year for one week. Children’s books are set up in various parks around the Central Okanagan for families to enjoy. The story pages will be located around the park in page order for a self-guided tour. Stroll through the park to enjoy the story for a fun-filled family experience!

Head down to Cameron Park, 2340 Aberdeen Street, Kelowna during the week of May 26th-June 5th and view the sweet and fiesty story: BARK! SWAT! CRUNCH! written by Darcy Nybo and illustrated by Sharlene .

Sam is a cat. Gina is a Dog. They sometimes get bored when their forever family is away. They like to play “Bark, Swat, Crunch!” Will their game get them in big trouble, or will it save the day!


Cameron Park, 2340 Aberdeen St, Kelowna, BC

Along with Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society, a number of other Community Partners with also be hosting their own Story Walks throughout parks within the Okanagan. See below for details.


“Learning My Rights with Mousewoman”

Written & Illustrated by Morgan Asoyuf, Ts’mysen

Raymer Elementary School
657 Raymer Avenue, Kelowna

Childhood Connections

“I Can, Too!”

Written by Karen Autio and Laura Watson

Duggan Park
1494 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna

Starbright Children’s Development Centre

“Dog’s Colorful Day”

Written by Emma Dodd

Hartwick Park
1468 Lambert Avenue

Okanagan Regional Library

“I Love You on Mondays”
A Children’s Book About Unconditional Love

Written by Nadia Niyazi

Ben Lee Park
900 Houghton Road, Kelowna

Central Okanagan Family HUB – KCR


Written by Darcy Nybo
Illustrated by Sharlene McNeill

Cameron Park
2340 Aberdeen Street, Kelowna

Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society


Written by Jenn Harney

3737 Old Okanagan Highway, West Kelowna

City Of West Kelowna

“I’m Not Just a Scribble”

Written and Illustrated by Diane Alber

Marina Park
4123 Gellatly Road, West Kelowna

City Of West Kelowna

“Up, Up, Down”

Written by Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Smith Creek Park
3101 Smith Creek Road, West Kelowna

BGC Okanagan