Math Tutoring

Success in learning math generally has much more to do with how you are taught and whether you practice, rather than your brain capacity. Nevertheless fear of math is a common experience. Our tutors understand that and will help you conquer your fear.


Our math learners usually come to learn a specific type of math related to their work, a college course they want to take, or for acceptance into an apprenticeship program. Because their needs are concrete and immediate, learners need to be actively involved in determining how and what they will learn. All learn at their own speed and in their own ways, which are influenced by their educational history, personality and learning styles.

Our math tutors get that. They are non-judgmental and patient. They arrive at each session relaxed, eager and ready to put you at ease. They take stock of the math problems you need to be able to solve in order to achieve your goal and start by tackling the most basic problems first.

The first step in our approach tutoring is to determine your unique needs:

  • What kind of math you need to learn;
  • The length of time you have to learn it in;
  • Your schedule and when you can fit in tutoring lessons;
  • How you learn best (your learning style).

Our math tutors will use traditional pencil and paper and white boards as well as more visual and animated on-line learning resources to help you understand problem solving methods. Check out the Online Learning Resources page to learn more about math tutoring methods.

You are encouraged to experiment even if you make mistakes because you will learn more from making those mistakes and discovering the correct solutions than you would if you were simply given the correct answer. Your tutor will also give you lots of exercises to practice your math skills between tutoring sessions.

It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.

Albert Einstein

When you are ready to tackle some trial tests, your tutor will provide you with the type of questions that you are most likely to encounter on the actual exam you want to pass. We have access to many sample tests for high school level math, college entrance requirements, and Red Seal trade certification exams.

Your tutor can also coach you in test writing strategies to help minimize anxiety and make best use of your time. And finally, they’ll be waiting to give a hearty high-five when you pass!