Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Project Literacy offer?With the help of our wonderful volunteer Tutors, Project Literacy offers One-to-One Tutoring for English, Math, Financial, Children’s and Digital Literacy for Seniors (65 years+)
How much are your services?FREE!
Where are you located?1635 Bertram Street in downtown Kelowna, behind Safeway and in the same plaza as 96.3FM
How do I apply to become a Learner?Complete this form
How do I apply to become a Volunteer?Complete this form
How long will it take to get matched with a tutor?Every match is different! It depends on personality, background, learning/teaching level, location and specific needs.
How long does the tutoring last?Up to 2 years.
How long will it take to schedule my English assessment?It could take up to 2 weeks to get your appointment as we are very popular within the Okanagan. Please be patient with our team. We are working as fast as we can.
Do you help Canadians who were born here?Absolutely!
Do you help with IELTS?Yes!
Do you help with CELPIP?Yes!
Do you help with study for Driver’s License?Yes!
Do you help with PR (Permanent Residence?Yes!
Do you help with Canadian Citizenship Test?Yes!
Do you help with understanding legal documents?Unfortunately, no. Please reach out to for assistance.
Where do we learn/teach?You can book a room at Project Literacy, meet at your local library or hang out at a café!
NOTE: For safety and comfort reasons, meeting at each other’s homes is not an option.
Do you offer remote learning?Yes but it depends on our roster of tutors/learners.
Who determines the schedule?You do! The tutor and learner will figure out what works best for them.
What is the minimum committment as a Tutor?4-6 months for it to be worth your and your learner’s while.
What happens if I can’t make my lesson?You should contact your tutor/learner and let them know at least 24 hours before your lesson.
Please note that if a learner does not arrive for a scheduled appointment without notifying their tutor two times, their case will come under review for continuing. We take our tutors generous time very seriously.
How can I donate to Project Literacy?There are many ways you can support our community literacy programs:
Click here for details.
Click here for Project Literacy’s Shop!