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Working Holiday VISA and Tourist VISA holders do not qualify for our English Learning services.


“Since joining Project Literacy, I have learned new vocabulary, my pronunciation has improved and I feel more confident in my work and in my life. I am so lucky to have Linda Hawker as my tutor. She is professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and the time goes by very quickly when I am learning with her. She always has a nice smile and I am very grateful to her.”

Laura Hernandez, English Learner
March 2024 Learner of the Month

“Now, thanks to the classes and the fact that I have more confidence, I found a job as a Chef in a restaurant, and it is now easier for me to communicate with my colleagues. My long-term goal is to know the English language at such a level that I can work in a profession that I really love. I want to thank the team at Project Literacy for their help and professionalism. With your help I get knowledge and I always leave my class in a good mood.”

Tetiana Anisimova, English Learner
November 2023 Learner of the Month

“The Digital literacy program offered by the Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society is a perfect way for seniors who have avoided Technology like the plague to be introduced to cell phones in an informal informative environment. Seniors have various reasons for not joining the technological revolution but at some point everyone faces the realization that rotary dial phones are not coming back and modern methods of communication are not only here to stay but are evolving daily! 

You have to start somewhere and relying on your 14 year old grandson is not the answer. Options are limited but the Project literacy digital literacy program  provides a very viable opportunity. The training consists of six one-hour sessions with a knowledgeable volunteer tutor. The sessions are very informal and cover the basics. You will learn to make and receive phone calls, send and receive texts, use your camera and get an introduction into apps, As the training is informal there is not a set curriculum and you can ask any question you like. There are no exams so those adverse to tests need not fear. The object is to learn as much as you can so you can join the revolution.

I took the training and I’m happy I did so!!”

John C. Hough, Digital Learner
February Learner of the Month