New to Canada

Our tutors are very patient!

They are used to helping people who cannot speak any English, those who know some English words but need help forming sentences, as well as those who can speak fairly well but need help learning how to write. They can also help people who are fairly fluent but need help understanding common expressions (idioms) or help with pronunciation.

As soon as I arrived here, I started searching for the opportunity to increase my English language proficiency as well as to overcome the fear of communication in a new cultural environment. My tutor at Project Literacy helped me not only to increase my level of spoken English (this was my main goal), but also clarified many difficult questions concerning grammar and made me more confident in my abilities. Because of my experiences, I have decided to become a volunteer at Project Literacy and I have already applied to become a tutor. I am really grateful for this experience; I will remember and appreciate it for a long time and I want to share it with others.” – Lala