Month: May 2018

  • Project Literacy Supports UBCO – Bachelor of Education Students

    Project Literacy is proud to host two UBCO Bachelor of Education students for the month of May.   Daneen Segec and Stephanie Turner are working with and supporting our Education Coordinators and Community and Family Literacy Facilitator in order to gain Field Experience in Community Education.

  • Spring Open House

    Project Literacy was pleased to host an Open House for our funders, long-time supporters and volunteers. The Learning Centre was at capacity as over 30 guests enjoyed live music, interactive games and time to talk and catch up with each other. Our Board President, Ruth Walper recognized our funders and community partners, including The United…

  • Communicating in Plain Language is Good for Business

    We are often asked – what is plain language? Plain language is about clear communication. It’s about using common words and presenting information in a straightforward, logical way. If clients, customers, and employees don’t understand your message, they can tune you out. Because of this, Canadian organizations lose $2.5 billion in productivity annually. By simply…