Project Literacy is Introducing Plain Language and Literacy Audit Tool Training

Project Literacy is introducing plain language and literacy audit tool training in the form of workshops. Our first one is coming up next month. This full-day workshop will help you and your organization better understand the value of plain language. You will learn how to update documents for clear communication, support your clients more fully and increase visibility through happier and better care for the client. The workshop uses a hands-on approach to understanding the value of a literacy audit and the use of the literacy audit tool to make real impact on the way you communicate.

  • Date and time: Friday, August 25th, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Location: Okanagan Regional Library – Rutland, #20-301 Hwy 33, Kelowna BC
  • Cost: Thanks to the City of Kelowna Community Social Development Grant, the delivery of this session has been reduced from $130/person to $65/person. This includes material costs for manuals and a full day workshop. Lunch and snacks provided.Literacy Audit and Plain Language Poster Final (002)