Project Literacy Kelowna Society is excited to become the new host organization supporting the work of the Central Okanagan Partners for Literacy task group.

The task group is made up of a number of community education and social service representatives that work collectively to support the advancement of literacy in the Central Okanagan. Each participating organization plays its own role to open doors for residents of all ages who want to improve their literacy and essential skills. Collectively, the group works to identify the overall community need for literacy supports and to coordinate literacy activities through a Community Literacy Action Plan.

The group has been in operation for several years. You may recognize some of their efforts including the delivery of the local Interior Savings Unplug and Play Week Activities, delivered in partnership with a number of additional community partners. “This committee is really about partnership and cooperation among service providers in our community.” says Project Literacy Kelowna Society Executive Director, Christine McWillis, “We look forward to continuing to grow these partnerships while celebrating literacy success in our area.”

The Central Okanagan Partners for Literacy is supported by Decoda Literacy Solutions. We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Education. If you are interested in getting involved or finding our more about the Central Okanagan Partners for Literacy task group, contact Project Literacy Kelowna Society today.