Raise a Reader Day – Blog Post by Anna Jamkowy

Today was a great day. Not only was it the day of the annual national campaign for Raise a Reader, but it was a morning of engaging with the public and answering questions about a charitable cause first hand.

Asking to donate is not easy. Fear of being rejected will likely top anyone’s list – for any situation; fear of applying for that job because you probably won’t get it; fear of writing a test because you don’t want to fail; fear of speaking up because someone may tell you to stay quiet.

If you think you have experienced fear, imagine the fear of not wanting to do any of these core life experiences because you don’t know how. Ten years welding experience but can’t write an email response to an online ad? Know everything there is to know about esthetics but composing a paragraph on skin types gets tricky? Wanting to voice an opinion on a strongly held belief but can’t seem to find the words to express yourself?

The struggle of deciding which route to go down, negatives consequences or not even trying, has burned inside all of us at some point.

Project Literacy hopes to help those who can overcome the first and largest hurdle of asking for help. This morning there was a lot of fighting the fear of asking people to donate – and yes, a few said no. That will always happen. Thankfully, most said yes.

Thank you to all who donated!