This September, Kelowna will be standing in solidarity with cities across the province to foster awareness for improved literacy. The City of Kelowna has proclaimed September to be Literacy Month, as literacy is essential in order to create opportunities for city-wide growth and prosperity.

Colin Basran, Mayor of Kelowna understands that “the ability to read and write is an essential skill that enriches our lives with improved employment opportunities, our capacity to engage with others and the sheer pleasure of enjoying stories. Project Literacy Kelowna has helped thousands of people in our city improve their quality of life in these ways for more than 30 years, and I urge our community to support the Literacy is Life campaign so that this great work can continue,”

Project Literacy Kelowna will be hosting a number of events throughout September to promote Literacy Month. You can join them for Raise a Reader Day on September 21 at the Daily Courier where they will be serving up pancakes for the downtown community.

“Low literacy tends to function as an invisible barrier to success,” says Fern Carr, Project Literacy Board President.  “Our organization therefore hopes to be instrumental in supporting the citizens of Kelowna to forge ahead as advocates of literacy.  With that degree of active social engagement, new opportunities will serve to enrich the lives of those who have been denied the choices taken for granted by most,” Carr continues.

Low literacy does not discriminate. It is pervasive and affects 48% of Canadians ability to engage in daily life. Literacy goes beyond knowledge gained in an academic setting. It includes daily tasks like calculating a tip, being able to communicate with health care professionals and using technology to keep in touch with family members. As a city, we can enable every citizen to engage with society in a seamless manner and ensure the highest quality of life. Project Literacy wants everyone to be able to participate in the world around us.  How can you help make this a priority in our city?

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more, contact Project Literacy Kelowna at 250-762-2163 or on Facebook.