Family Literacy Week

The 2021 Family Literacy Week is now over. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting and participating in the free family activities! Please check back in December to see what is being planned for Family Literacy Week 2022.

Family Literacy Week takes place from Sunday, January 24 to Saturday, January 31. It is a time for families to have fun and explore many different types of literacy and how literacy skills impact our lives.  In addition to reading and writing, food literacy, health literacy, physical literacy and cultural literacy are some of the different types of literacies we use every day.

Family Literacy Week is supported by the Central Okanagan Early Years Partnership Committee

Free Family Activities!

Double click the Schedule of Free Family Activities at the bottom of this page to see all the free family activities you can take part in during Family Literacy Week.


Story Walk!

Organized by the Early Years Partnership, Story Walk is a free event! It takes place in 11 parks across the Central Okanagan from January 24th to January 31st. For a list of participating parks and children’s stories go here:

Pre-school and School Challenge!

From January 24 to January 31, pre-school children and children up to grade six, are invited to participate in the Family Literacy Week School Challenge! Children are encouraged to explore, create, build, write, paint, read, learn, reflect and celebrate all the wonderful types of literacies available to them. By completing the form below, children can submit the completed form for a chance to win a new iPad!

If you would like a photo of your literacy activity posted on our Facebook page and website, please email your photo and permission form to [email protected]. Please contact Administration if you have any questions about the School Challenge.  (250) 762-2163

Make sure to print off and fill out the Family Literacy Week – Reflect. Submit it by February 4, 2021 for your chance to win a new IPAD!

Photo Release Form (Adult and Child)

Free Literacy Week Activities 2021