Who We Are

We have helped more than 6,500 residents from across the Central Okanagan Regional District enhance their literacy skills. Project Literacy is funded entirely by grants and donations.

Our Vision
Empowering individuals to reach their literacy goals.

Our Mission
To provide volunteer based literacy support services to improve the quality of life in our community.

Core Values and Commitment
Project Literacy has four core values that guide the perspective of the organization and create the foundation by which decisions are made. Our core values are:

Project Literacy believes in matching learning opportunities with each individual learners needs.

We commit to work collaboratively with each learner to develop a learning plan that considers:

  • the learners short and long-term goals
  • current level of comprehension of the subject matter
  • the learners interests, values and culture
  • current and changing life circumstances

Project Literacy believes in providing free quality learning support.

We commit to:

  • ensure our learners receive individual instruction from knowledgeable and trained volunteers tutors
  • the use of relevant and reputable learning resources
  • create a positive and encouraging learning environment that is non-judgmental

Project Literacy believes that literacy should be available to everyone.

We commit to:

  • provide individualized support to those who voluntarily seek our services
  • provide accommodations for limitations that are experienced by our learners and tutors wherever possible
  • celebrate the diversity of our learners, tutors and staff

Project Literacy believes in providing services that are sustainable in the community over the long term.

We commit to:

  • promote the importance of literacy to the success of individuals and communities
  • promote life-long learning for everyone
  • promote the spirit of community volunteerism
  • acknowledge and appreciate the support of Project Literacy volunteers
  • be a financially responsible organization
  • be accountable to our funders
All funds raised by Project Literacy stay in this community and are extremely well leveraged against the volunteer labour provided by our tutors.
Our Mandate
Project Literacy will achieve our vision and mission by utilizing available resources:

  • to increase public awareness of the importance of literacy within the Central Okanagan
  • to provide ongoing training and support to our volunteer tutors
  • to provide a safe and friendly environment for our learners
  • to cooperate with community agencies to promote a holistic and inclusive client support service network
  • to raise the funds necessary to sustain our organization

In the last year, 472 community members received learning support from 125 tutors. Our tutors each donate on average 128.4 hours annually.

The province of B.C. values their labour at $25 an hour; at this rate, we provide $401,250 worth of education support each year. With regards to return on investment, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of the value created flows from the 472 community members, who for the rest of their lives will be better able to contribute to our economy and our society.

Literacy really is a gift that keeps on giving.


Project Literacy is a proud member of the Central Okanagan Partners for Literacy